torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2009

Workshop results

Group: Finns
REAL. “World trade center”
Main function:
High deviation in income.
A lot of ethnic groups.
Tall buildings, big flying cars, space food, pollution, overpopulation, consumption, economy driven.
Medical society → new environmental thread.
International economy tensions.
Dependent on global economy.
Vulnerable to natural hazards.

POS "Happy will/ville"
Main function:
Wellbeing. Hope.
Equal → No social/economic differences
No waste produced.
Cradle to cradle.
Energypositive buildings.
Efficient recycling methods.
Branding = certification = consumer preferences.

NEG "Gotham city"
Main function:
Industrial profit.
People don’t care about others.
Cultural clashes.
Dark, corrupted, polluted, criminal.
Too much consumption.
Aliens are dominating.
Regional cultures are neglected.
Dependency on resources (electrical, fuel etc.)
Everybody is single
Russian/Japanese/Chinese/Norwegian/Andorra/Greece/Kerava mafias and Konala Kartelli

Group: Asia
A liveable life.
Good business opportunities.
Transportation at the speed of life.
Long life.
Food for everyone.
Proper shelter for everyone.
Flying cars.
Huge population.
City border buffer became huge.
More towards natural venues (coexistence of city with nature).
Space visit facility for common people.
Cities in deep sea or in the moon.
Moving/foldable/portable houses.

NEGATIVE "Leng –Mo" Bipad city
(=Strange environmental, uncomfortable danger)
To create chaos / panic / unemployment.
Highest crime rate.
Increase slum areas (minimum 90% of the city).
No internet; no education; no water supply; no sewerge; no happiness; no love.
Poor health; care sys.
One party / one boss.
No democracy.
Everyone unhappy / boss happy.
Private jet for boss.
Strive only for survive.
Lack of public transportation infrastructures.
Black hole→ once in→ stuck.
Increase mortality.
No party; no love; no peace.
Tons of waste; air pollution.
High hold-rate of guns.

POSITIVE "Our city"
Computer house.
Highway 3 km far from the city where cars run 300km/h.
Power produced by ourselves.
People pick up fresh food.
Juice factory → good business opportunities.
Fresh water provided by the river.
Possibility of instruction/independence (“I’m going to automobile lecture”).
Possibility of job/efficiency (“we produced 1000 litres of juice today”)
Possibility of enjoying life (“Matrix was a nice movie” – “I want to travel world with my friends”)
Preserve tradition and mother nature.
24-hours store.
Entertainment center.
Theatre, water world, pub, recreation center.

Group: Europe and South America
UTOPIA "Sweet Dreams"
Happy people.
Clean air.
Self sustainable.
No wars.
No noise.
No poor people.
No infant working.
Flowers → clean environment / nature / green open areas.
Healy nature / river / biodiversity / small scale communities self sustained.

DYSTOPIA "Nightmare"
Dark and failing.
No time for family.
No communication.
Dirty / polluted.
Polluted air → no sun / mountains destroyed / polluted river / too many cars → pollution /slums underneath roads and bridges.

REAL "Early Morning After Late Night"
Communication in anyway, any form, anywhere.
Lot of people.
Something in between.
Retail park / roads / slums / suburb / business center / villas / semi-natural river system / natural park / snow melting.

Group: Europe
FEAR "Toxcity"
Main function:
To spread toxic dust to surrounding areas; under holistic hostile attack.
Collecting profit for a small elite. The inhabitants are kept like slaves. The inhabitants have managed to degenerate culturally, sexually, socially to the point where it is impossible to clean up the mess of the degenerated masses.
Ashes, dust, bunker ruins. Sick and mutated survivors fight each other for canned / irradiated food.
Only one big public sector that people have to pay for themselves without necessarily receiving any help / services.
Darkness 24h/day. Waste = everywhere. Pollution.

REALITY "Konala"
Main function:
Living and working.
Trade, some local sustenancy.
Social order.
Public private partnership.
Clean environment.
Good infrastructures and public transportation.
Global ownership factions squibble over area domination by buying banks, energy, food companies and media.

HOPE "Eternity"
Main function:
Feeling good.
Fun for all beings.
Total eco-harmony.
Nature religions based on science.
Love is in the air.
Natural resources used in a good way.
Everything works as 1 perfect and sustainable system.
Everything is clean.
From cradle to cradle.
Time does not exist.

Group: Africa

UTOPIAN CITY "Africa Grid City"
No homeless persons.
Building up.
Good lighting → natural lighting / 100% energy efficient
Good security.
Excellent network of roads (traffic).
Waste management (recycling).
Trees, open spaces, parks (leisure).
Well-organized city.
Good emergency response systems.

keskiviikko 1. huhtikuuta 2009

Comments on the workshop

- Why did you not ask people to come front in the beginning?
- Dividing people in groups took a lot of time you could have done this in advance (put named places on tables based on the division at people in groups)
- Explain the group work better
- Too small & too much text in slides
- Make rules at workshop short and simple, tell how much time there is left
- Very nice group work
- Maybe good idea to explain why you did this?

- Starting presentation was improvable

- Thanks!
- Pay attention to the _start_
- A bit slow beginning
- Pay attention to presentation slides that text is big enough
-> readable from the back too!
-> or brief on paper for groups
- Speak up, be clear
- What was the outcome for your group? Did you benefit?
-> conclusions!

- Very slow start
-> perhaps you could've created conversation on the images of the films
-> interesting idea nevertheless
- Small print on slides
-> difficult to see
- Fun excercise!
-> conclusions (unclear) would've been interesting

- Good pic / lack of music
- Workshop vs. presentation?
- Nice info about psychology
- Pretty serious atmosphere
-> don't like
- Nice brain-storm arrangements

- Organizing the groups could have been organized better!
- How is this workshop material used in your project?

- Opening (ppt) was stimulating and interesting - thought-provoking.
- How do the products of the groups contribute to your project? There was little discussion on your actual project.
- More discussion!

maanantai 23. maaliskuuta 2009

Here´s a version of the presentation

...And then just having the movie still pictures in the beginning -
You can agree on which ones are relevant or if more is needed.

Theories in schemes

sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2009

Linus's Law

"Basically, it is short and sweet. It won't give your life any meaning, but it tells you what's going to happen. There are three things that have meaning for life - for anything that you do or any living thing does: The first is survival, the second is social order, and the third is entertainment. Everything in life progresses in that order. And there is nothing after entertainment. So, in a sense, the implication is that the meaning of life is to reach that third stage. And once you've reached the third stage, you're done. But you have to go through the other stages first."

Linus Thorvalds - Just for Fun

More films


Here's a few more

- Iina


Star Wars

Sin City

Moving Castle

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Richard Sennett: A flexible city of strangers

"...Cities can be badly-run, crime-infested, dirty, decaying. Yet many people think it worth living in even the worst of them. Why? Because cities have the potential to make us more complex human beings. A city is a place where people can learn to live with strangers, to enter into the experiences and interests of unfamiliar lives. Sameness stultifies the mind; diversity stimulates and expands it.

The city can allow people to develop a richer, more complex sense of themselves. They are not just bankers or roadsweepers, Afro-Caribbeans or Anglo-Saxons, speakers of English or of Spanish, bourgeois or proletarian: they can be some or all of these things, and more. They are not subject to a fixed scheme of identity. People can develop multiple images of their identities, knowing that who they are shifts, depending upon whom they are with. That is the power of strangeness: freedom from arbitrary definition and identification."